Data Centre Power Monitoring Provisions

Power Monitoring

A stable power supply is a necessity for consumers in industry, commerce, service and domestic applications. Data Centres are heavily reliant on a constant supply of power to ensure systems and redundant back-up service are available constantly. Power monitoring is essential to ensure the ability to meet these demands.

Monitoring will include voltage and current values with limit settings to indicate if the voltage or current exceeds the set range. It is also possible to read power factor changes for various types of equipment. Additionally, if you provide electrical power to clients, you will need to have an indication of how much power they use so that it is possible to charge them for their portion of the metered usage.

Single phase and Three-phase power meters – power monitoring systems. The meters above are for both an “A” and a “B” supply as used for mission critical systems.

These meters can be read and recorded by the end user or by a specialist monitoring centre that will remotely monitor the meters and provide information as agreed with the account holder or their representative.